Welcome to My Blog

April 30, 2006

So here we are. My blog. Will I keep it uptodate? Who knows? I know If I do, it will be the most interesting blog out there(in my mind anyways)

I have so many interests I wouldn't know where to start. So I will update this slowly. If I keep it like a journal I think I will be doing good.

Speaking of journals Jim Rohn has a program on Journaling titled "How to use a journal"

I havn't brought this program but I would like to. So much I would like to read and learn but of course you need the money to buy these products which seem a good buy.

I have heard of The Rich Jerk program which seems good. Maybe I should go for it and see if it can guide me to becoming a rich jerk myself?

One thing I definately need in my life right now is a good balance. I believe its all about balance for anyone in life. Balance for me, may not be balance for you, but it still follows the same thing


Hello world!

April 30, 2006

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